Genocide survivors  support network (GSSN)

Helping Survivors heal, one life at time

Mental health Support services

  • We provide pre-service counseling to new immigrant survivors
  • We run informal support group counseling services to address individual and collective challenges
  • We connect survivors to trauma specialists for further services
  • We advocate on behalf of genocide survivors for access to justice and rehabilitation services 

immigration and Community Integration

  • We educate survivors about the fundamentals of  cultural differences between America and Rwanda
  • We provide guidance and access to community resources  to help survivors meet their needs
  • We help with language and cultural interpretation facilitation communication between survivors and   service providers


Language and Cultural Heritage Preservation

  • We help first generation survivors families preserve cultural heritage through language, art, and culture
  • We help second generation immigrants learn and embrace their cultural heritage

Support Services programs

Education and

Career development

  • We provide guidance and assistance with college enrollment
  • We facilitate access to financial aid assistance through a collaboration initiative with educational institutions and our community  partners 
  • We provide guidance and resources for career development and skills adjustment