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Genocide Survivors Support Network (GSSN)
 is dedicated to support genocide survivors' efforts to rebuild their lives by providing them with comprehensive support services and a platform to use their voices to advocate for genocide prevention. We also provide cross-cultural education and technical support to practitioners working with populations that have experienced genocide and mass atrocities. 

The greatest challenge for survivors is to manage painful memories of the past while trying to cope with day-to-day struggles to make a living. To live a successful and meaningful life, survivors need to have  access to specialized treatment for physical, emotional and psychological wounds they suffer from as a result of the genocide,  as well as  be provided with opportunities to help them rebuild their lives. 

With good health, a secure place to live, and access to opportunities to rebuild their lives, survivors can overcome the burden of the past and rebuild their lives from a much stronger foundation. 

GSSN is therefore looking for partners for our Survivors Support and Advocacy Project, Genocide Prevention Education and Youth Engagement Project, and Cross-cultural Education & Technical Support Services

GSSN is for the time being organized as a project of Rwanda Gift For Life, a 501c3 nonprofit corporation which has agreed to act as our fiscal sponsor. 

For more information about our programs and partnership opportunities, please send us an e-mail at

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